Lesson 1 – Insect Songs

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INSECTS – new music


Baby Bumblebee

Eency Weency Spider

The Ants go Marching

Parent Tip: When learning new material, let your child set the pace. If he/she wants to repeat one part of the lesson twenty times, go ahead. When your child shows signs of being bored, either move on to the next part of the lesson or stop for the day and come back later. We want music time to be a positive experience.

Start by introducing these three songs. Pick the one that your child is most likely to be familiar with to sing first.

Baby Bumblebee: This is an all time classic!! It combines finger movement with a simple melody and a little humor. Introduce this song to your child by singing it to him/her. (If you are not familiar with it, start with a YouTube viewing.) Your child should be able to pick up both the melody and the hand movements right away. WARNING: Some of the videos you will be watching are rather silly, so be prepared to laugh. This song also has many different variations and endings. That is fine. Explain that everyone is different, and sometimes our music is different too. What ending do you and your child like best?

Find your own You Tube videos or try these out:

You Tube


You Tube


You Tube


Eency Weency Spider: This song also develops finger coordination. There are many variations of finger movements for this song. The most common uses a finger-thumb coordination that is difficult for most toddlers. You may want to start with a simplified palm rotation or crawling up your arms or other variations seen in the videos. In addition to singing along with these videos, consider scheduling a trip to the library. There are some good “spider” books that you can check out – about spiders in general or with the actual words and additional verses to the song. This would be a fun bedtime ritual for the month. TIP: Spiders can tickle as they “crawl” on us. Laughter is a great learning tool!

Find your own You Tube videos or try these out:

You Tube


You Tube




The Ants Go Marching: This is a gross motor song that can be a big hit. Get up with your child and march, march, march. If you have rhythm instruments, even a home made drum, marching in a parade is a great place to use them. Does your child like counting? This is a numbers song. We will do more counting activities in later lessons, but go ahead and point out the numbers when you sing. Keep the number of verses appropriate to your child’s attention span. Note: This also has some different versions. Pick a favorite.

Find your own You Tube videos or try these out:

You Tube


You Tube


You Tube


Just For Fun: Check out these bug sites.

Bug book list: http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=7907

Bug games: http://www.pestworldforkids.org/games.html

Just gross! http://www.ent.iastate.edu/misc/insectsasfood.html

Have a bug party: http://www.kids-birthday-party-guide.com/bug-birthday-party.html


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Passionate about my family, my faith, and teaching music. “To teach a child to love music is to give a gift of character and beauty that will last forever.”
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